CSA Right Issue Proceed Rp. 492 Billion

Press Release

30 May 2016

PT Catur Sentosa Adiprana Tbk. (with code: CSAP) is the largest and well known distribution company for building materials, chemical and consumer goods, also operating on modern retail of building materials and home improvement known as Mitra10 and home furnishing known as Atria, in Indonesia. Corporate action for increased equity through right issues in shares.

Through this corporate action CSAP will receive right issues precede up to Rp. 492 billion which will be increase the Company’s equity. Around 80% of this proceed will be used for Mitra10 store expansion, by increasing PT Catur Mitra SEjati Sentosa equity which is subsidiary of CSAP with ownership 99,65%. The rest of proceed will be used for financing distribution operational needs.

Three biggest shareholders CSAP are PT Buanatata Adisentosa, NT Asian Discovery Master Fund, and Albizia ASEAN Opportunities Fund will give their support on this corporate action, where they will use their rights. Shareholders commitment for this right issues shown their positive support and believe to CSAP’s strategy on Mitra10’s potential to grow in long term.

*With assumption: Public took all their rights

Aggressive expansion plan

As now, the Company is operating over 42 distribution center of building materials, 4 distribution center of chemical, 17 distribution center of consumer goods, 22 stores of Mitra10 and 10 stores of Atria.

On first quarter 2016 CSAP stated sales Rp 1,93 trillion or 12,2% growth compare to last year with Rp 1,72 trillion. Building materials contribution 50% to sales consolidated, or 12% growth, while Mitra10’s growth 7,4% (SSG 7%). Growth in both segments was mostly due to increase in volume rather than price increase. Sales target this year is Rp 8,5 trillion with net profit projected around Rp 106 billion.

Total CSAP capex for 2016 around Rp 300 billion where Rp 250 billion will be used for retail modern, and the rest will be used for distribution segment.
The company will continue to grow on strengthen modern retail performance by improving overall efficiency and productivity, which created best value to their stakeholders. This year Mitra10 are planning open 3 new stores which are located in Jabodetabek: On 27th May 2016 opened in Pekayon, Bekasi, with total area around 4.600 sqm, then followed in Lampung on August with total area around 3.000 sqm and last one on November in BSD City, Serpong, with total area around 7.000 sqm.

Company is targeting to have 50 Mitra10 stores by end of year 2020. Management emphasizes their strategy on aggressive expansion for Mitra10 to grab the market shares. Right issues proceed will be used for this strategy on Mitra10 expansion.

Corporate Secretary Division PT. Catur Sentosa Adiprana Tbk.
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Contact Person:
Idrus H. Widjajakusuma
M: +62 819 32930123
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