CSA Open 23rd Store of Mitra10 at Lampung

Press Release

12 August 2016

  • The modern retail store concept is to offer Building Materials and Home Improvement products.
  • Sales target is Rp. 1,5 Billion per month.

PT Catur Sentosa Adiprana Tbk (IDX code: “CSAP”) is the largest distribution company in building materials, chemical and FMCG also has modern retail of building materials and home improvement called “Mitra10” and furniture known as “Atria”. CSAP officially opened Mitra10 23rd store at Pagar Alam Street, Rajabasa, Lampung.

“This 23rd store opening is part of CSAP strategies on aggressive expansion in its retail segment of Building Materials and Home Improvement, especially in strategic and potential area to increase in sales volume.” Andy Totong (Chief Operation Officer of Mitra10) explained.

Selling space for Mitra10 Lampung is around 3.300 sqm on top of 4.730 sqm total areas with total investment ± Rp. 30 billion, where offer around 25.000 SKU. Sales target for this store around Rp. 6 billion by end of the year, it will increase contribution Mitra10 sales and CSAP.

Therefore in 2016 Mitra10 has opened two new stores, where first in Pekayon – Bekasi and now in Lampung which both stores categorize superstore type.

“2016 we’re planning to open three new stores, after here in Lampung we’re planning to open on fourth quarter 2016 at BSD City area. This new stores opening will boost Mitra10’s sales to achieves its target around Rp. 2,3 Trillion by end of the year.”

CSAP is targeting 50 new stores for Mitra10 by end of year 2020 to strengthen modern retail of Building Materials and Home Improvement in Indonesia. Locations will be more concentrate in Jabodetabek, Central Java, East Java, Sumatera, and Sulawesi.

Fund for expansion will come from Right Issues proceed which we received on June 2016 with total Rp 492 billion. Around 80% of proceed will be used for Mitra10 store expansion, through increased PT. Catur Mitra Sejati Sentosa’s equity, which subsidiary of CSAP with ownership of 99.82%. The rest of proceed will used for Distribution segment of CSAP.

Concept of Mitra10 Superstore is One Stop Shopping & Solution with convenience atmosphere. Consumer will not only feel comfortable they also able to choose varieties of products, where we have 65.000 SKU for Building Materials and Home Improvements to offer from ceramics, paint, household, and more with competitive price.
“Our target market is home owner who want to renovate their house. As our modern retail concept similar as supermarket type, customers will more convenience to choose varieties of products and price as they pleased.” Add Andy Totong.

In addition, Mitra10 also give interesting promotions such as discount in price on certain products where Mitra10 collaborate with Principal and Bank.

Sales Performance

In the past six months, CSAP has achieved sales around Rp. 3,97 trillion or 10,5% growth compare to last year, Rp. 3,59 trillion. Distribution segment contribution around 71% to sales, will the rest contribution by modern retail.

Corporate Secretary CSAP, Idrus Widjajakusuma explained, growth in both segment mostly due to volume driven. CSAP’s sales target for this year is Rp. 8,5 trillion with targeted net profit around Rp. 106 billion.

About PT Catur Sentosa Adiprana, Tbk.

PT Catur Sentosa Adiprana (code: CSAP) is a distribution company of building materials, chemical, and consumer goods, also has the largest in modern retail of building materials & home improvement and furnishing in Indonesia. Began in 1966, where it was small paint shop in west of Jakarta then throughout the years developed as a company owned 42 building materials distributions center (DC) in 40 cities, 4 chemical DC, 17 consumer goods DC, 23 stores of Mitra10 and 10 stores of Atria.

Corporate Secretary Division PT. Catur Sentosa Adiprana Tbk.

Jl. Daan Mogot Raya No. 234 Jakarta 11510
Contact Person:
Idrus H. Widjajakusuma
M: +62 819 32930123
P: +62 21 5668801
E: corsec@csahome.com www.csahome.com