CSAP Profile / Company Brief
CSR 2015

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, the Company realizes that its business performance is not measured merely by its financial performance. It is also important for the Company to achieve long-term sustainability of its business by conducting its activities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner in order to create harmonious and synergistic relationship with local communities and society at large.

Therefore, the Company has been actively conducting Corporate Social Responsibility programs throughout the years in accordance with the Company’s slogan “CSA Serves” which was introduced at the Company’s Annual National Conference.

The CSR implementation has been mainly focused on the following areas:

• Education

• Medical service

• Housing

• Environment

In 2015 the Company’s CRS program was in Company’s warehouse in Bekasi. The Company was partnered with Yayasan Obor Berkat Indonesia, a philanthropic organization that oerates in medical care, education, community development, and disaster response, provided free general medical services and dental care to 500 people in local neighborhood in order to ease their burden of paying medical care.